New carpets planned for Theatr Clwyd development

Theatre Clwyd in Mold has launched a public consultation about a new development of the building which will cost a few million pounds. New carpets in the performance auditorium are part of these plans.

Theatre Clwyd is 42 years old and in need of redevelopment. Architects Haworth Tompkins have created design images for the public to look at and comment on. The consultation period runs until September 23rd 2019, and the theatre plans can be viewed on its website.

The new improved building will be more energy efficient, saving on electricity, water and gas costs. Photovoltaic roof panels will generate heat and electricity. Toilets will be flushed using rainwater.

The plans for the theatre also include a new health and well-being suite, a sensory garden, a youth hub and a first-floor restaurant.

New seating and carpets will be installed in the performance space. Though solid flooring may be easier to clean and maintain, carpets are chosen for their acoustic properties that make music and speech sound much better. Solid flooring such as wood, vinyl and laminates reflect sound making it harsher. Carpets half the sound reverberations for better acoustics.

Audiophiles also like the acoustic properties of carpets which the install in the rooms where there expensive HiFi equipment is located. You don’t have to be an audiophile to enjoy the acoustic qualities of carpets in Wrexham homes. They also help dampen the sounds for people below carpeted bedrooms with noisy children or the explosions from computer gaming teenagers.