What flooring is best for Wrexham rental properties?

Landlords need the best type of flooring for their properties and there is plenty of help in their floor buying decisions.

There is a wide variety of properties to rent in Wrexham including shared student houses, luxury flats suitable for professionals, and family homes. There is no one type of flooring that is best for all rented properties; it depends on the type of property and who the tenants are.

The ideal flooring

Choosing floor coverings for rental properties is not the same as buying flooring for owner-occupied properties. In multi-occupancy houses, floors often have more wear and tear than the average home. Landlords need to make a return on their investment and usually will want to spend money on a luxury floor covering unless the property is at the high rent end of the rental market.

Landlords cannot guarantee that the tenants will look after the floor and clean them regularly.

The ideal floor covering is affordable, does not need a lot of maintenance, is durable and looks good. If elderly tenants or families occupy the property then the floor covering needs to be non-slip.


Floor coverings come in many grades. The cheapest grades tend to be thin and will not last. It is a false economy to buy the bottom end of cheap flooring to save money, as in the long term it can work out more expensive when cheap floor coverings have to be replaced more often.

Choose a good quality carpet, LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) or laminate floor covering. Many come with a good guarantee so you know they will last a long time. All these types of flooring are quick to install. Ask your flooring supplier to quote for both the cost of the floor covering and fitting it.

Nylon and polyester carpets will tend to last longer than natural fibre ones.

Wood is an excellent floor covering either in solid wood or engineered wood. Solid wood is expensive but will last for decades. If your budget can afford solid wood, it is worth investing in, especially as wood floors can add to the value of properties. Hardwood and luxury wool carpets are more expensive than other floor coverings but are worth looking at for luxury apartments and houses.


Landlords expect tenants to look after the property and should clean floors regularly. Carpets are easy to maintain as they can be vacuumed quickly. Between tenancies, carpets can be refreshed by professional carpet cleaning. Laminates and vinyl can be vacuumed and regularly cleaned with a mop and specialised cleaning solutions.


LVT and laminates can be printed with patterns to resemble wood or stone which are aesthetically pleasing to most tenants as they look natural and very realistic. Carpets come in a wide range of colours and patterns. Avoid bold patterns that some tenants may not like. Neutral colours work best.

A landlord needs to look at their rental property style and find the floor covering that makes the most sense for each property they own and the tenants that live there.