Finding the best commercial flooring quote for a Wrexham-based business

With so many floor covering types, grades and colours available, it is difficult to find the best commercial flooring quote for a Wrexham-based business.

Wrexham is the largest town in North Wales with many companies based in the area. The town’s retail sector is the largest in North Wales and many tech and professional services companies are based in the Wrexham region. There is a large volume of commercial property in the area with a huge number of floors that need covering.

Modern floor coverings are durable, but no floor lasts forever. When it comes times to install a new floor covering, there is a wide range of floor coverings to choose from, and many floor companies that will provide quotes. How do you know that you have found the best quote?

Most commercial floors will have high-traffic, especially retail and reception areas where the public has access. This needs a quote for a surface that is durable and can last for many years with high footfall at a cost within budget.

What is included?

If you get several quotes for the same type of flooring, don’t necessarily go for the cheapest quote. You need to know exactly what is included in that quote.

In busy areas, businesses do not want their operations interrupted by the floor installation. A flooring installer can do the job in stages so that only a small area is closed to workers and visitors at a time. Alternately, a floor installation can be completed overnight or at weekends when the business is closed. A commercial flooring quote should include when the installation will take place.

Though a quote may seem to be for similar floor covering grades, if it is not for covering from the same manufacturer and the same product code, then you are not comparing like with like. To accurately access quotes, you need to be sure the floor quote is for the same type of floor covering or equivalent quality.

How knowledgeable is the flooring supplier?

A quote may seem reasonable, but if the flooring supplier is unfamiliar with your business sector it could be for the wrong type of flooring. For example, if the area is one where food is prepared, it needs to be non-slip and easily cleaned to keep the area hygienic. In care homes and other places with a number of older or vulnerable people, the floor needs to be non-slip to prevent slips and soft to cushion falls.

A flooring quote should be for a floor that is an exact fit for the type of area where it is installed.


Though many floor coverings are easy to install, you need a company that employs installers that are quick and experienced. A badly laid floor will not last long.

To get the best commercial flooring quote, find a well-established Wrexham company that you can rely on for a top class job.