Is waterproof laminate flooring worth buying?

There are many types of laminate flooring available that are claimed to be waterproof, but are they worth buying?

When laminate flooring was launched in the 1990s, its click and lock system made it easy to install and it became an attractive, less costly alternative to wood. However, it was not waterproof and not recommended for wet areas like bathrooms.

There are new laminates that claim to be waterproof. Good quality grades have guarantees that no water will be absorbed if liquids are cleaned up within 24 hours. This makes them suitable for bathrooms. As long as any water is wiped up within a few hours, the floor will remain dry.

Laminate flooring in Chester is a good choice, but property near a major river such as the Dee, where laminate flooring is liable to be submerged in floodwater for several hours, will probably be damaged. However, this is also the case for wood, LVT, carpets and most other types of floor covering.

Waterproof laminate flooring has a top waterproof layer and close-fitting seams where the planks join. This resists water seeping into the subfloor and prevents the laminate from swelling at the joints. It is recommended that water or other liquids are mopped up rather than left wet.

If you want a floor covering that looks like wood but is a lot cheaper and resistant to water, laminate flooring is good for Chester residential and commercial properties. It is not as cheap as many carpets, but will last a lot longer than the average carpet.