Best carpets for buy to let in Wrexham

Wrexham landlords want carpets for their rented properties that are both hard wearing and inexpensive.

Demand for rented accommodation

Though many people living in Wrexham aspire to own their own home, it can take a while to save enough money to put down a deposit for a house or flat. Some people, such as students or contractors, will only be staying in the Wrexham area for a limited period so are not looking to buy a home. For these and many others, there are plenty of flats and houses for rent in Wrexham.

Rents are not cheap, so tenants expect a high level of fittings in their rented property and decent furniture if the property is furnished. They want carpets that are good quality and easy to clean.

How carpets are treated

Hopefully, tenants will respect that the landlord has supplied decent carpets, but sadly some tenants will not be careful with the carpet, fail to clean up spills promptly and never use carpet cleaners. Students have a reputation for parties where glasses get broken and food is spilt and trodden into the carpets. This means that the best carpet for rental property should be durable and be stain resistant.

What type of material?

If you want a carpet that wears well, nylon is a better choice than then natural fibres like wool or cotton, but nylon carpets tend to show stains easily. Other man-made fibres, such as polymer and polyester, are stain resistant and hard wearing.

If the property is luxury grade with high rents, then wool is an option because it is regarded as a luxury carpet type. Wool carpets do require more care, but good tenants will respect the property and keep the carpets clean.


Multi-height loop carpets are slower to show wear. Loop pile carpets are better than cut-pile ones as they resist crushing. Whatever type of pile chosen, select a carpet with densely packed fibres.

Colour and patterns

Obviously darker colours hide dirt better than light colours. Solution dye saturates the whole pile which is better than a topical dye that only colours the surface.

Buy a neutral colour carpet that does not have a bold pattern. The carpet should appeal to most people. You may like the look of a pattern, but potential tenants may hate it.


Good quality carpets will last longer than cheap ones. It may be cost effective to install cheap carpets in student property and replace the carpets at the end of each tenancy, but most landlords want a carpet that will last a number of years that only needs a thorough cleaning at the end of a tenancy.

If you install a carpet with a felt backing this will save on underlay costs.

Choosing a local carpet supplier

Landlords need a local carpet supplier that supplies a wide variety of carpets. They help landlords choose the best carpets for their Wrexham properties and offer good deals on carpets and installation. They will provide carpets that are both value for money and durable.